Information for chairs and speakers

Information for chairs and speakers

1. Book your time slot for pre-recording. All speakers have received a personalized email with detailed information and the booking link

2. Prepare your presentation for your pre-recording. We recommend using the ADHD presentation template.

3. Upload your presentation 2 days prior to your recording day. All speakers have received instructions on how to upload the presentation by email.

4. Be virtually present during the live session. The time zone for the live congress will be Central European Time (CET). View time zone map here.

Our Recommendations for Pre-Recording

• Ideally use in-ear headphones and microphone instead of the computer microphone. 
• You should be alone in the room where you are pre-recording. The room should be quiet and have only few sound-reflecting surfaces (glass, stones, etc.). 

Video and lighting:  
• Your background should be neutral, ideally a white wall. Under no circumstances should you have a window in your back.  
• Lighting should be even, your face should be lit from the front.   
• Ideally your webcam should be at eye level. If you are working on a laptop with a built-in webcam, it is advisable to set it up 15-20 cm higher.  

While recording:  
• The fewer movements you make during the recording the better.  
• Talk directly into the microphone and try to look straight into the camera as often as possible.  
• Do not touch the microphone.  
• Talk slower than you usually would (just like giving a presentation at a live congress). 
• Stay on the last slide of your presentation. 

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