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Overview of registration fees

Overview of registration fees

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Registration fees include

  • Admission to all scientific session
  • Admission to poster and technical exhibition
  • Admission to the Opening Ceremony and
    the Networking Reception
  • Final Programme
  • Coffee Breaks
Registration fees until 7 March 2023 after 7 March 2023
Member World Federation of ADHD countries A* / CADDRA members / European Network Adult ADHD members € 500 € 550
Member World Federation of ADHD B* € 400 € 450
Non-members from countries A* € 550 € 600
Non-members from countries B* € 450 € 500
Students under 35 years of age** € 300 € 350
*For an overview of countries A and countries B please check the list below.
**A copy of the passport and student identity card is necessary and must be uploaded during the registration process.

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List countries A and countries B

Payment Options
Group Registration
Invitation Letter
Once you have registered for the 9th World Congress on ADHD please arrange payment of the registration fee. All payments should be made in EURO and can be made by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Particularly for payments from outside Germany, we strongly recommend using a credit card, as charges for bank transfers may apply on both sides. 

Payment by credit card
For credit card payment, please click "Pay now" at the end of the registration process or via the menu item "My Bookings" in your congress account.

We accept the following credit cards:
- Eurocard/Mastercard

Payment by bank transfer
For bank transfers, please make sure that your name and participant number is indicated. If your organization pays for several participants, it is necessary to indicate the names of all participants in the bank transfer details.

Account details:

Hanser & Co GmbH w/ADHD 2023 ZB
Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN: DE18 1007 0024 0108 9697 03

For more information, please read the General Conditions of the 9th World Congress on ADHD.
Upon receipt of your registration and payment, the Congress Office will send you a confirmation that also serves as your invoice. 
Please contact the Congress Office at
Notice of cancellation should be sent in written form to the Congress Office CPO HANSER SERVICE. In case of a cancellation by 7 March 2023, the payment will be refunded, minus a handling charge of EUR 100. No refund will be made for cancellations received after 7 March 2023.
For companies, that wish to register a group of 10 or more delegates, we offer group registrations.

The company needs to purchase a minimum of 10 registration vouchers (non-refundable). Delegate names and contact details have to be submitted 4 weeks prior to the congress (deadline 20 April 2023). 

To process your group registration, please provide us with the following details:
- Number of vouchers/registrations
- Registration fee
- Group name / pharmaceutical company
- Invoice address
- VAT no.

Please use the excel registration file to process the contact details.
Following contact details are mandatory for the name list submission: full name, gender, academic title, country and email address.

Once the registrations are paid, each delegate will receive an account activation e-maile. Each delegate is required to activate his/her account with the same e-mail address forwarded through the group registration and a password at own choice.

Confirmations will be sent to the group coordinator, if preferred, to the invited delegates.
After 9 May 2023 each name change will be charged EUR 25.

Notice for groups with less than 10 participants:

Please ask your delegates to create an online account and choose the respective registration fee.
Kindly inform us via e-mail  for which delegates you will pay the registration fees. We will send you a credit card payment link. Payment by bank transfer are accepted as well.

 Need to register 2 or 3 delegates by using different accounts?

Sign up multiple user accounts with Gmail. 
If you add “+1” (or any numbers/letters) to the end of your Gmail handle, Gmail recognizes it as belonging to your email address but it looks like a unique email address to the site for which you are registering an account. All emails however will arrive to your inbox. Alternatively: Please send us the  excel registration file duly filled by e-mail. We will create the congress accounts on your behalf by using the personal email address(es) of your client(s).


If you pay all fees on behalf of your clients please send us a proof of your bank transfer together with a name list to If you would like to pay by credit card please request a credit card payment link via the above mentioned e-mail address.

Late orders
 can only be processed upon receipt of the payment (latest payment deadline: 10 May 2023).
We reserve the right to not process your group registration if the payment is not credited to our account in due time

Please contact the Congress Office at if you have questions regarding the group registration.
Upon request, the congress organizer will send a formal letter of invitation to registered (and paid) delegates for visa purposes. It is understood that such an invitation is intended to help potential delegates to raise funds or to obtain a visa. This does not imply a commitment from the congress to provide any financial support. Invitation letters will be sent by e-mail or upon request by postal mail. In case an express delivery is needed, the delegate shall order a courier at her/his own expense.

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