ADHD World Federation - Modernising the concept of ADHD
Preliminary Programme

The Preliminary Programme at a glance

The Scientific Programme Committee is happy to provide first insights in the Scientific Programme of the 9th World Congress on ADHD in Amsterdam. Please find the planned sessions below and detailed format descriptions here.

Plenary Lectures

  • Do we need to modernize the concept of ADHD?
  • ADHD and comorbidities
  • New findings on aetiology and neurobiology
  • Perspectives on progress in ADHD science

Grand Round

  • Is it ADHD or mild cognitive impairment? A diagnostic challenge in older adults

Pro and Con Debate

  • Should guidelines be updated? Do new data favour psychostimulants as one of the first options for treating preschool children.

Hot Topic Symposia

  • ESCA - Evidence-based, Stepped Care of ADHD along the lifespan: Results of multicentre studies
  • Symposium on predictive modelling: How to make it informative for clinicians?
  • How to maximize the impact of clinical guidelines for ADHD:  professional and lived experience perspectives
  • Prenatal Risk Factors for ADHD
  • Measurement based care in ADHD: Why this approach is relevant for clinicians?
  • Digital world and ADHD or ADHD and digital world? What is the direction of the association? Causality or correlation?
  • Advancing the understanding of ADHD treatment discontinuity using real-world data
  • New progress in understanding the environment for ADHD: Evidence from Asian studies
  • ADHD in college students
  • What is new in digital psychiatry for ADHD?
  • Covid and brain fog and its relation to ADHD (and especially long covid)
  • ADHD as a risk for dementia
  • Update experimental models of ADHD
  • New findings on ADHD neuromodulation: Understanding mechanisms of action and going out of the laboratory settings
  • Treatment and treatment outcome of substance use disorder patients with a comorbid ADHD: First results of the INCAS study
  • Recent developments in behavioural parent training for ADHD
  • Update on psychopharmacology of ADHD over the life span
  • Special issues on ADHD pharmacological treatment
  • EUNETHYDIS Symposium dedicated to Alessandro Zuddas
  • Living with adult ADHD every day
  • Young scientist symposia