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Local Organizing Committee (LOC)


For each new World Congress, the World Federation of ADHD calls in a Local Organizing Committee (LOC), which assists in the planning and implementation of the event. The LOC consists of at least the Congress president and two members of the country where the congress takes place.

The LOC is responsible for the local coordination of the Congress and works closely together with the Scientific Programme Committee, including the following tasks: 


  • Suggestions for ADHD topics in general, but also with local relevance
  • Assistance in presswork and relations
  • Support in the organization of social and scientific events
  • Other related tasks such as the organisation of city tours
  • Support in the organization of the Patients´ Day 
Canals in Amsterdam


LOC Members 2023

Anouk Scheres - Chair of the LOC

Barbara Franke - Co-Chair of the LOC

Tycho Dekkers

Sandra Kooij

Alejandro Arias Vasquez

Hans Van de Velde

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