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Young Scientists' Award

Congratulations to the Young Scientists' Award Winners 2023

  • Adrienne Chan, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong | The use of ADHD medication and the risk of suicide attempt:
    A multinational population-based self-controlled case series study
  • Le Zhang, Karolinska Institute, Sweden | ADHD medications and long-term risk of cardiovascular diseases: a nationwide nested case-control study in Sweden
  • Marcel Schulze, University Hospital Bonn, Germany| Assessing brain iron and its relationship to cognition in children with ADHD with quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM)
  • Yilu Zhao, Peking University, China |New genes identified associated with ADHD pharmacological treatment response using both GWAS and deep learning
  • Lessa Madelief Schippers, Radboud University, The Netherlands | ADHD Traits in the General Population and
    their Association with Positive Aspects of ADHD
  • Ammal Khan, University of Bergen, Norway | Risk of adverse pregnancy, delivery, and infant outcomes among women with ADHD: a nationwide cohort study
  • Marieke Klein, Radboud University, The Netherlands| Longitudinal structural connectivity of the limbic lobe in ADHD
  • Tao Coll Martín, University of Granada, Spain | Are Attentional Processes Differentially Related to Symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Childhood Versus Adulthood? Evidence From a Multi-Sample of Community Adults

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