Poster Exhibition

Poster Exhibition & Awards

Poster Exhibition & Poster Tours

General Information

Posters are allocated to guided poster tours. They will be sorted by topics and will be numbered within those topics. The poster exhibition is open to all participants according to the opening time of the technical exhibition.

The Guided Posters Tours will be chaired by renowned specialists. Interested participants can meet the authors for discussions of their poster presentation during the time of the poster tour.

All accepted posters are presented during Guided Poster Tours. The posters are displayed in the poster exhibition. Whenever possible, the lead or senior authors should be present during the presentation. The presenting author has to be registered. Duration: 90 min.

The Poster Exhibition includes all posters of the Young Scientist' Award.

Poster Awards

Award Procedure

Each chair of a poster tour chooses the best poster of the respective tour. These posters will be on display in the exhibition area, indicated by a banner.

Among those, the Poster Committee will select six winners.

The authors of the six best posters will be awarded at the closing ceremony, with a certificate and a prize money of 500 Euro.

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