Poster Awards

Winners of the Poster Awards 2019


Six Poster Award winners have been chosen on the basis of an evaluation process by the Poster Committee.

We thank all authors for their efforts and look forward to their next presentations in Prague!


Authors Abstract titel
Prof. Dr. Hanan Azouz, Alexandria University, EgyptOrganizational skills training, neurofeedback, and/or pharmacotherapy in the treatment of school-aged children with ADHD
Dr. Tomasz Hanc, University of Poznan, PolandTraumatic stress during pregnancy caused by unnatural disaster and the risk of ADHD in children. The case of Aila Cyclone.
Prof. Marc Mahone, Kennedy Krieger Institute, USAEarly sexual dimorphism in brain development trajectory among preschoolers with ADHD
Chrislean-Jun Botanas, Sahmyook University, Republic of KoreaThyroid hormone-responsive gene overexpression in the striatum leads to the development of inattentive-like phenotype in mice
Shirley Hershko, The Hebrew University, IsraelADHD? Beware what you eat!
Dr. Maria Vallejo-Valdivielso, University of Navarra Clinic, SpainClinical, neuropsychological and pharmacogenetic predictors of methylphenidate response in children and adolescents with ADHD

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