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Abstract Guidelines

Guidelines for the preparation of poster abstracts

Abstract submission is now closed

Authors will receive their notification by the end of February 2023.


Before submitting your abstract, please read the following information carefully:

  • Presentation type - The Congress allows for submission of poster presentations.
  • To apply for a "Young Scientist Award" please tick the respective box in the submission process. Read more...
  • Abstract title – Please choose a title that clearly indicates the content of your contribution. Please avoid abbreviations in the title. Abbreviations may be used in the main text, if they are defined when first introduced.
  • Abstract text
    • The abstract text is limited to 300 words.
    • Degrees, titles, street addresses and acknowledgements of support should be omitted within the abstract text.
  • Abstract layout – Abstracts must be submitted with the following fields to be completed:
    • Objective (indicate the purpose of the study or the hypothesis that was tested)
    • Method (including the setting for the study, the subjects, the diagnosis or intervention, and the type of statistical analysis. If references are needed, they should be given in the text)
    • Result (present as clearly as possible the outcome of your study and, if appropriate, show the statistical significance)
    • Conclusion (briefly discuss the data and show the significance of the results)
    • Please observe the maximum word count per field. 
  • All studies must be approved by Ethics Committees of experimental and human investigations beforehand.
  • Disclosure of conflicts of interest – Work submitted for presentation must include an acknowledgement of any commercial funding sources. Authors should declare all commercial interests.
  • The abstract must be allocated to a specific topic of the scientific programme. Please see the full list of topics here and select the respective topic during online submission. 

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