Seminars & Sessions

Additional congress workshops & seminars

6x Educationals
6x Meet the Experts
à 60 minutes each

on 26 and 27 April 2019

50,- Euro each

only in addition to
the congress registration

Educational Seminars

Educational Seminars are designed to be informal and
interactive and will feature an update on clinical relevant
topics. Each 60-minute seminar is composed of one, respectively
two lectures and is followed by a discussion. 


Meet the Expert Sessions

Meet the Expert Sessions have been specifically designed
to provide an informal atmosphere where doctors and
scientists can interact with internationally renowned experts
in the field of ADHD. The sessions are especially suitable
for the exchange of knowledge and aim at first-hand learning
about the latest clinical (practical) and scientific advancements.

ES - Educational seminarsChairpersonRegistration fee
ES-01: Women ADHD - specificity of symptoms
Friday, 26 April, 17.45-18.45
A. Rodrigues, Portugal€ 50
ES-02: Psychoeducation, cognitive-behavioural treatment and new non-pharmacological
interventions for adult ADHD patients
Friday, 26 April, 17.45-18.45
A. Philipsen, Germany€ 50
ES-03: Assessment strategies of ADHD in adults
Friday, 26 April, 17.45-18.45
W. Retz, Germany€ 50
ES-04: Recommendations for therapy in school
Saturday, 27 April, 16.15-17.15
A. Walitza, Switzerland€ 50
ES-05: ADHD and problematic internet use: Treatment options
Saturday, 27 April, 16.15-17.15
S. Kollins, USA€ 50
ES-06: Treatment of ADHD and substance abuse
Saturday, 27 April, 16.15-17.15
J.A. Ramos-Quiroga, Spain€ 50
ME - Meet the Expert sessionChairpersonRegistration fee
ME-01: Why are adolescents with ADHD so hard to treat?
Friday, 26 April, 17.45-18.45
Mark Stein, USA€ 50
ME-02: How do I treat patients at the ADHD Program in the Massachusetts General Hospital
Friday, 26 April, 17.45-18.45
J. Biederman, USA€ 50
ME-03: ADHD and giftedness
Friday, 26 April, 17.45-18.45
I. Manor, Israel€ 50
ME-04: High severity patients with adult ADHD
Saturday, 27 April, 16.15-17.15
F. Reimherr, USA€ 50
ME-05: Evidence for treatment of ADHD with psychostimulant medication
Saturday, 27 April, 16.15-17.15
J. Swanson, USA€ 50
ME-06: ADHD and food
Saturday, 27 April, 16.15-17.15
S. Cortese, United Kingdom€ 50

All sessions and seminars are subject to change.

To facilitate coordination, attendance is limited. Therefore it is recommendable to book the ticket right after the congress registration online or to check ticket availability on site at the registration counter. Tickets will be handled on a 'first-come, first-served' basis.