Scientific Programme Committee

Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

Manfred Gerlach

Prof. Dr. Manfred Gerlach

Chair SPC

University of Würzburg

Würzburg, Germany

Luis A. Rohde

Prof. Dr. Luis A. Rohde

Co-Chair SPC

Federal University of Rio Grande du Sul Brazil

Porto Allegre, Brazil


The SPC develops the scientific programme for the World Congress on ADHD, which takes place every two years.

The creation of a programme for the World Congress of ADHD proceeds as follows.  

The WF ADHD Board will appoint two Co-Chairs for the Congress and with those Co-Chairs will decide on a theme. At least one of the Co-Chairs must be a Board member. The Co-Chairs form a smaller executive committee (EC) formed by the Presidents and/or their appointed representatives from the following associations – Asian Association of ADHD, CAADRA, LILAPETH, EUNETHYDIS, the Australian Association of ADHD and APSARD.

The EC will nominate members to a large Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) comprised of research and clinical thought leaders in the area of ADHD. When creating the EC and the SPC the Chairs, WF ADHD will seek to balance membership by sex and ethnicity.  The Co-Chairs, EC and SPC serve for two years.  

The SPC is invited to make topic suggestions, as well as innovative format presentations for the scientific programme. Each suggestion should include the title, the names of proposed speakers and a brief description of the proposed content. 

Under the leadership of the Co-Chairs, the EC examines the suggestions from the SPC, prepares a draft program and submits it for final review and approval by the Board of the WFADHD. The Co-Chairs and EC will have periodic virtual meetings to accomplish their goals. 

Through this process, WF ADHD seeks to create a current and balanced scientific programme, that allows congress participants not only to increase their professional knowledge and clinical skills, but to offer real perspectives on the current status and future of ADHD research.

Scientific Programme Committee Members

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