Young Scientists' Awards

Winners of the Young Scientists' Award 2019

Eight Young Scientists' Award winners have been chosen on the basis of an evaluation process by the Scientific Programme Committee.

We thank all authors for their efforts and poster presentations in Lisbon!

Authors Abstract titel
Dr. Chaoyu Liu, United KingdomEarly predictors for late-onset ADHD symptoms
Dr. Berit Solberg, NorwayParent-offspring recurrence of ADHD
Dr. Melissa Mulraney, AustraliaPersistence and neural correlates of Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder in 10-year-old children with ADHD
Shahrzad Ilbegi, The NetherlandsNeurocognitive markers of late-onset ADHD: A 6-year longitudinal study
Dr. Jonathan Hess, USAGenes and brain cell types linked with selective neuronal vulnerability in ADHD
Theresa Wimberley, DenmarkGenetic liability to ADHD and substance use disorders in individuals with ADHD
Dr. Jiali Jin, People's Republic of ChinaGenetic alteration of CADM1 is associated with ADHD during early life: An exploratory study with genetic, neuroimaging and animal model methods
Dr. Inês Ferreira, PortugalEffects of Methylphenidate on sleep in children with ADHD

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