Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

Chair: Manfred Gerlach, Germany

The SPC develops the scientific programme for the World Congress on ADHD, which takes place every two years. The SPC consists of a Chair that is selected by the President of the World Federation of ADHD (WFADHD) for a term of two years. The Chair of the SPC is assisted in his/her tasks by the Chair(s) of the Local Organizing Committee and regular members of the SPC. After approval by the WFADHD President, these experts are invited to serve for a period of two years; yet in order to assure both continuity and renewal, approximately half of the committee is replaced every two years. All members are renowned experts in a specific field of ADHD and allied disorders, ranging from clinical practice to basic science and represent different regions of the world. The SPC is also comprised of ad-hoc members: the current WFADHD President and editors of the ADHD Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Journal.

All these professionals are invited to make topic suggestions for the scientific programme.

Based on these suggestions, the Chair of the SPC prepares a draft programme and submits it to the Board of the WFADHD.

At the end of this procedure, which usually takes several months the Board of the World Federation assumes the final responsibility for the programme.

The SPC and the Board of the WFADHD always ensure a current and balanced scientific programme, which allows congress participants not only to increase their professional knowledge and skills, but to offer real perspectives on the future of ADHD research.

Therefore, the comprehensive congress programme ranges from interactive educational seminars, meet-the-experts sessions, plenary symposia, parallel hot topic symposia, pro-con debates, video seminars, workshops, young scientist award sessions to guided poster tours.

Manfred Gerlach

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Chair: José Boavida, Portugal

For each new World Congress, the World Federation of ADHD calls in a Local Organizing Committee (LOC), which assists in the planning and implementation of the event. The LOC consists of at least:

  • The Congress president and

  • Two members of the country where the congress takes place.

The LOC is responsible for the local coordination of the Congress and works closely together with the Scientific Programme Committee, including the following tasks

  • Suggestions for ADHD topics in general, but also with local relevance

  • Assistance in presswork and relations

  • Support in the organization of social and scientific events 

  • Other related tasks such as the organisation of city tours

  • Support in the organization of the Patients´ Day 

André Ponte, Portugal
Ana Rodrigues, Portugal
Pedro Cabral, Portugal
Carlos Filipe, Portugal
Joaquim Cerejeira, Portugal
João Guerra, Portugal
Teresa Cartaxo, Portugal
Cesar Sotullo, Spain
Bernardo Barahona Corrêa, Portugal
Mónica Pinto, Portugal