Scientific Session Formats

Format descriptions 6th World Congress on ADHD

Plenary Sessions (PS)

Duration: 90/120 min.

Plenary sessions will feature authoritative scientific updates on a comprehensive range of topics. Each daily session is composed of three to four 30-minute lectures presented by international leaders in the field of ADHD. After the talk there will be no discussion.


Hot Topic Symposia (HT)

Duration: 90 min.

Hot topic symposia will feature comprehensive reviews of the most recent research results as well as practical issues in the field of ADHD. Each 90-minute symposium, presented by internationally recognized clinicians and neuroscientists, contains a theme of topical interest and is composed of three or four lectures, with a maximum of 20 minutes. After the talks there will be short discussions.


Research Consortia Briefing (RC)

Duration: 90 min.

The Research Consortia briefings will last 90 minutes. Experts in the field of neurology and psychiatry will present new designs and findings and will discuss these issues with participants.


Late breaking news (LN)

Duration: 90 min.

Within this session the latest abstract reviews issued shortly before the congress will be presented and discussed by the reviewer of the World Federation of ADHD and the auditorium. Duration of the session is 90 minutes.


Grand round

Duration: 90 min.

3 ADHD experts discuss a clinical case within the field of ADHD leaded by renowned moderator


Free communication sessions (FC)

Duration: 90 min.

The symposium is composed of six lectures with a maximum of 10 minutes of talk time. After the talks there will be short discussions with selected ADHD clinical experts by the programme committee. Authors are invited to submit abstracts with a strong clinical focus. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee and scheduled as oral or poster presentations.


Educational Seminars (ES)

Duration: 45 min.

Educational Seminars are designed to be informal and interactive and will feature an update on clinical relevant topics. Each 45-minute seminar is composed of one, respectively two lectures and is followed by a discussion. To facilitate coordination, attendance is limited. Therefore it is recommendable to book the ticket together with the congress registration online or to check ticket availability on site at the registration counter. Tickets will be handled on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. Registration fee per session: EUR 50. Only valid in combination with the congress registration fee.


Meet the Expert Sessions (ME)

Duration: 45 min.

Meet the expert sessions have been specifically designed to provide an informal atmosphere where doctors and scientists can interact with internationally renowned experts in the field of ADHD. The sessions are especially suitable for the exchange of knowledge and aim at first-hand learning about the latest clinical (practical) and scientific advancements. Meet the Expert Sessions are open to all participants but tickets are handled strictly on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. Registration fee per session: EUR 50. Only valid in combination with the congress registration fee.


Guided Poster Tours (P)

Duration: 60 min.

All accepted posters will be presented during guided poster tours. The posters will be displayed in the poster exhibition hall for the duration of one presentation day. A prolongation is not possible. Whenever possible, the lead or senior authors should be present during the one-hour presentation. The presenting author has to be registered.


Young Scientists┬┤ Session (YS)

Duration: 90 min.

Young Scientists┬┤ Sessions are specifically aimed at young scientists in the field of ADHD. Selected by the Scientific Programme Committee eight young scientists have the possibility to present their findings. Chaired by recognized experts in the featured topic, these interdisciplinary sessions are composed of 20-minute lectures, followed by short discussions.


Satellite Symposia

Duration: 60 min.

Satellite symposia will be organized by pharmaceutical companies and are open to all congress delegates.